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Transforming Lives

Welcome to a space where mental health is not a stigma. We promise your mental well-being with our Mental Health Collaborative Care Model - an integrated and holistic approach to your well-being.

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Who Are We

Ensuring Your Mental Health Through Collaborative Care

We are a mental health platform in Chicago that embraces a comprehensive approach to providing transformative mental healthcare. We believe in a stigma-free environment where your mental health journey is met with understanding and compassion.

Transforming Lives: One Succes Story At A Time

At the Mental Health Collaborative Care Model, our commitment to collaborative healthcare fueled by compassion has resulted in remarkable outcomes. Our mission is to break down barriers, eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health conditions, and provide a state-of-the-art psychiatric care system.

Years of Experience

Our Services

Empowering You To Be Better Each Day

Family Counseling

Through our collaborative care mental health model, we navigate complexities, foster a harmonious environment, and strengthen familial bonds.

Anxiety Treatment

Our comprehensive strategies empower individuals to overcome challenges and reclaim a sense of control over their lives.

Individual Therapy

Our skilled therapists work collaboratively with you, providing guidance and tools for growth, self-discovery, and mental well-being.

Group Therapy

These sessions provide a space for collective healing, fostering connections that contribute to individual growth and resilience.

Depression Therapy

Our psychiatric care system is tailored to address the nuances of depression, which promotes healing, resilience, and a pathway to a brighter future.

Couples Therapy

Our expert guidance facilitates communication and understanding, fostering a resilient foundation for a fulfilling partnership.

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Our Clients Golden Words

Morgan S.




The Mental Health Collaborative Care Model is a lifeline. The personalized approach has reshaped my mental health journey, making it an empowering experience.

Ryan W.




The team's commitment to a stigma-free environment made seeking help easier, and I've experienced true understanding and support here.

Tiffany L.




The stigma-free environment here is a breath of fresh air; it creates a space where I feel empowered and accepted on my journey to better mental health.

Alex M.




The teamwork and coordination among the professionals to seamlessly address every issue at The Mental Health Collaborative Care Model have been a game-changer.

Sarah H.




Joining the Mental Health Collaborative Care Model has been transformative for me. The collaborative care approach is unlike anything I've experienced before.

Compassion > Collaboration> Lasting Transformation

Our dedicated team at Mental Health Collaborative Care Model is committed to providing holistic mental health support in Chicago. Experience our collaborative care mental health treatment approach that values your unique experiences and focuses on creating a personalized care plan to guide you toward well-being.


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What’s On Your Mind, Ask Away!

Who is involved in the Collaborative Care Team?

A Collaborative Care Team typically includes a primary care provider, a behavioral health care manager, and a psychiatric consultant. They work collaboratively to address the physical and mental health needs of patients.

What should I bring to my first visit?

For your first visit, bring comfortable workout attire, proper footwear, a water bottle, and a positive attitude! We'll take care of the rest.